Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Awesome Norwegian Sherlock skit

Two Sherlock-obsessed Norwegian TV executives have cooked up what must be the best parody yet of the BBC's updated Holmes and Watson series. Warning: It's a bit risqué.

Their skit, titled 'Oklahomo', riffs on the way the series plays with the question of Holmes' sexuality, while perfectly taking off the quick-fire deduction and verbal brilliance of Benedict Cumberbatch's Holmes, all shot with the same jerky camera movements used in the BBC's brilliant production.


  1. Aaaw! I was shocked at the last part ha ha ha!

    How's the weather there nowadays? It's too hot here in the Philippines - 37 degrees :(

    By the way my friend I would like to ask you a special request here. I hope you'll grant it. I
    just need a post like the way you post on your blog. I am asking my foreign blogger friends and I really hope you will be a part of this. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi..Sunny weather and around 20-25 degrees here. It's perfect...